Interesting places around the internet that I've discovered in my travels. Last update May 18, 2010

SUPPLIERS: -- Electronic components, etcetera.

All Electronics Corp. -- A good supplier of discount electronics and other equipment.

Electronics Goldmine -- Similar to above, some hard to find stuff here.

Patriot Supply -- HVAC parts, including oil ignition transformers. -- Bismuth, Lead, Tin, Gallium, etc.


Bill Beaty's -- Words cannot describe the place. It is one of the best of the best. Go there, explore, have fun. -- Circuits, tutorials, and more.

Harry's Homebrew Homepages -- Mostly radio and the like.

Tony Van Roon's site -- Nice transistor tutorials for the aspiring electronics experimenter, collection of resources, and so on.

Abandoned Airfields -- What aviation has left behind

Spark, Bang, Buzz and Other Good Stuff, and older link to more -- Nyle Steiner's fantastic pages. Homemade CRT's, oscillators using home-manufactured semiconductors? Fantastic stuff.

Electrostatic Machines -- Antonio Carlos Moreirao de Queiroz' collection of knowledge pertaining to the black art of constructing electrostatic generators. This is 18th and 19th century electronics. I have built similar machines; they are like magic, and very fun to work with.

Ohio State University Radio Observatory -- the "Big Ear", one of the first and finest radio astronomical observatories. Demolished in 1997 to make room for a golf course.

Alan Yates' Laboratory -- Radio, electronics, even experiments with plasma diodes as RF detectors.

Falling into a Black Hole -- Don't try this, but it's fun to speculate about what would happen. -- Just what it sounds like. ASCII triumphs over Javascript and Flash, even to this day.

Frank's Electron Tube Datasheets -- PDF files of vacuum tube datasheets. Very useful.

Science Frontiers -- Interesting stuff!

HEASARC Coordinate Converter -- Change astronomical coordinates from RA/Dec to Galactic, vice versa, and so on. -- Ultra longwave radio, 22kcps and DOWN.

AA5TB's Radio Recordings -- Turn off the TV and listen to the radio. You never know what you'll hear. All of his site is interesting as well.

The Lost Cosmonauts -- What did the Judica-Cordiglia brothers hear?

Spy Numbers -- Shortwave "numbers stations." What are they? I've heard them personally. When you hear these bizarre and sometimes haunting voices endlessly speaking seemingly random numbers, particularly late at night, it can prove an unnerving experience.

Another page from DXING.COM about numbers stations.

Digital America -- Interesting and beautiful photographs.

Damn Interesting -- The title says it all. Go and read.

Saga of Mel's Hole -- Yeah, yeah. I know it ain't real. I don't care either, so just pretend for a while, and it's a fun tale.

Liqueur-Making -- A hobby both entertaining, and useful. Careful though, or you might end up. . .

Technical Books Online -- GREAT collection of old books, scanned into PDF format. 1936 ARRL handbook and more.

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